Monday, November 9, 2015

Reflections from a 1st timer after #nerdcampli

There are emails that you wish you never opened, emails that make you mad, emails that make you laugh and emails that you want to cherish forever.  The following email is one to cherish.  It came from a first time edcamper after attending #Nerdcampli.  I was given permission to share the email but was respectfully asked not to include names.  For anyone thinking about attending an edcamp - I hope these words inspire you to try one.  

Wow!!  What an incredible afternoon. While I generally don't respond after conferences, I feel I need to say a few things about today's events:

First, thank you for telling me about it!  I am going to be signing up for the one in July as well. 

Second, hearing (and meeting) Lynda Mullaly Hunt was both an honor and humbling experience. What she showed us is that those students who are 'invisible' are really the ones we need to make the MOST visible. I read her novel Fish in a Tree again when I came home. I actually could see some of my students in her novel and will be approaching their education differently. 

In the next session, while I was very interested in listening to how to introduce YA novels to students and make connections to them, it was Mrs. Hunt's session that still played in my mind ('my mind movie' if you will).   I was able to have many conversations with other educators and administrators after her session and wrote down many other books/novels/stories that my students will be able to relate to as well. 

I also will be ordering "affirmation" cards from Vistaprint for my students.  

I apologize for the length, but never have I been so moved, humbled or touched by someone the way I was today. 

I hope to make my invisibles--visible!!

With deepest and sincerest gratitude,

(A very PROUD teacher)

This is just a sample of the responses and reflections shared by our teachers after attending #nerdcampl1.  On behalf of the entire Northern Parkway Admin team - thanks for taking a chance on a Saturday attending this un-conference.  #learningisjoyful 

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