Tuesday, December 29, 2015

They Count Also: African American Girls and Math (Dissertation review p.1)

Spent the day reading my dissertation and just wanted to share!

Review of Research (page 15 of my dissertation)

Adenika-Morrow (1996) reported that  "in no academic area does the nexus between race and gender claim more casualties than in the area of mathematics and science-and no group has been more excluded than African-American girls. Studies of women generally overlook women of color, and studies of students of color de-emphasize gender difference" (p.80).  Adenika-Morrow (1996) also suggested that it takes a significant amount of courage for African American females to make nontraditional educational and career choices.  Because of the need for some African American women to become financially independent at an early age, Adenika-Morrow suggests that African American females generally made safe career choices (service and clerical positions, teaches, nurses, and other low-paying female dominated jobs) and avoided obstacles in which they would have to negotiate their way into White, male dominated careers.

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Shani said...

I agree, it was as if we had to play it safe, like doing something that we cant fail at.