Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Office

Dear Teachers, 
My office...

Is not a place to fear.
Is not a place for punishment.
Is not a place to yell at children.
Is not a place for solitary confinement.
Is not a place to judge.
Is not a place to offer life sentences.
Is not a place for corporal punishment.
Is not a place to humiliate and belittle children.

My office...
Is a place of comfort.
Is a place for learning.
Is a place for caring.
Is a place for listening.
Is a place for laughing.
Is a place to rest, relax, regroup and refocus.
Is a place to talk.
Is a place for understanding and empathy.
Is a place for discipline with dignity.

Teachers, if you need a time out - please stop by my office for a really is a relaxing learning space. an assistant principal, I take my role of supporting children academically, socially, and emotionally seriously.  If you send a student to my office for a time-out, please understand and respect what will and will not take place when I am with children.   Yes, if warranted, there will be appropriate consequences given but I will never hurt or embarrass a child in the process. 

By the way, I am not in my office often but my office is always available :)

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