Saturday, February 21, 2015

My #oneword for 2015 - NOW

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My #oneword for 2015 - NOW

Inspired by my #ptcamp pln to choose one word that provides you with a vision for 2015 instead of a New Year resolution, a few words immediately came to mind... Joy, Present, and Today.

JOY- I often end my educational tweets with the hashtag #learningisjoyful because I truly believe that education/school/teaching/learning should be a joyful experience.  Joyful as defined by being fulfilled, not just joyful as fun and games.  In my personal life, I strive to have a joyful existence, but the reality is that sometimes I feel sad, depressed, angry, annoyed...anything but joyful.  Although these moments are fleeting, they are real emotions that I experience.  Choosing joy as my #oneword would have "fit" me, but I also think that it would force me to mask some real emotions that I sometime experience.

PRESENT-  is another word that I toyed around with.  It is so important to present at school with my students, colleagues, teachers, parents, etc.  It is equally important for me to present at home with my family.  But sometimes I just want to be alone.  Sometimes I'd rather watch tv, or check my phone, or read a book uninterrupted.  I know it sounds selfish, but as important as it is to take care of others, it is just as important to take care of yourself.  And if taking care of myself means I'm not always present for others, well forgive me.

TODAY I tossed around with the word today the last few days.  I think it was the idea of taking one day at a time that seemed profound.  Or this quote that I read~

But as I thought more about the word today, it seemed somewhat limiting to me, as if I was not allowed to think of the past or the future.

So I decide on the word "NOW".  Focusing on the NOW, allows me to be present for whatever I am doing at the time...present for others or present for myself.  NOW allows me to experience a range of emotions on my journey towards joy And NOW allows me to enjoy today,reflect on yesterday while I plan for tomorrow.  I actually blogged about being in the NOW a couple of months ago.

Learning to Love the Right Now
Sometimes I have to remind myself to live in the now.

To appreciate what I have now.
To love who I am now.
To love the life I have now.

Not the life I had years ago.
Not the life I had yesterday.
Not even the life I had a few hours ago.

Not the life I imagine ten years from now.
Not the life I wish for tomorrow.
Not even the life I might have a few hours from now.

But my Life. Right. Now.

#itsjustthatsimple #butwedrathermakeithard (@docsheilah 7/7/14)

I want to think about the choices I make in the NOW.   I want to start NOW making better choices when it comes to my health and wellness.  I want my children to know that the choices they make NOW may impact their future.  I want to be the best educational leader and student advocate I can be NOW.  I want to love and support my family and friends NOW. I'm sure I will slip up every NOW and then and lose sight of the big idea.  But I plan on living my life with many more positive, intentional and focused NOW moments so I can appreciate the laters to come.  

Happy New Year!
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